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The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

-Star Trek Into Darkness

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Hailing your Frequencies (Genderswap AU! Uhura and McCoy)



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Shore leave - Spock & Uhura


In answer to your question, never. He had never really had much of any fun. 

The Vulcan stiffened as Nyota removed the last of her undergarments, so carelessly tossing them in the sand. He opened his mouth to protest, as he wasn’t aware that ‘skinny dipping’ meant nude. What a horrible idea - who on Earth would come up with such a thing? 

He watched her with wary eyes as she ran towards the shoreline, splashing into the foamy water with curiosity in his eyes. Why did she think this was such a good idea? He couldn’t see really any positives about it - except for maybe being naked, but that could always happen in the privacy of a villa. Why out here, in the open? In the ocean, for that matter?

"Nyota.." He muttered, hesitant despite her coaxing, “I am not sure that this is a grand idea." But she was persistent, and he knew that if he didn’t oblige it was likely she’d just get frustrated, and he’d rather not deal with that. Heaving a sigh, the half-Vulcan finally obliged, lifting his shirt from over his head and setting it on the sand, whilst removing his shoes as well as muttering about, ‘swimming in the dark.. in the ocean.. illogical.’ 

She giggled a bit when he finally pulled off his shirt. Of course she would win. It seemed she always did with Spock, even if sometimes it took a while. He had a hard time saying no to her, and it would be a waste not to take advantage of that fact. “Oh, stop your mumbling. You big baby.” Uhura sighed heavily and walked towards the shore, waiting where the water was waist deep.

Watching him undress was not something she would willingly miss. Maybe this was all a ploy to get him naked. Maybe. She wouldn’t admit to anything without a lawyer. But anyway, who could blame her? Anyone who had seen him topless would do the same. 

"My god Spock, get out here. Stop trying to make logical sense out of everything and just have fun.”

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Parents and Proposals || rattlingthestars


"I thought so." he muttered, falling silent. He didn’t care if she was grinning; the thought of meeting her father wasn’t a pleasant one. He walked round to the driver’s side and got in. “He’s got every right." he allowed, brushing her cheek with his thumb. “You promise?" He arched an eyebrow.

He genuinely couldn’t think of anything scarier than Nyota’s father. Maybe Nyota on a bad day, but usually kisses and Bones making her food solved that problem. Not that kisses and food would make Nyota’s dad like him. “I love you too,” He smiled, kissing her gently. “Absolutely.” He pressed another kiss to her lips before pulling out of his parent’s drive. “And if you call ‘em right now I might just be willin’ to meet your parental units.”

She nodded a bit and leaned her head against his shoulder, her fingers tracing small patterns into his thigh. “Call him now? No, he’ll be asleep by now. He gets up really early…so his bedtime was about an hour ago.” She joked, kissing his temple. “I can call my Mama in the morning. Perhaps we can have a decent dinner tomorrow night.” She joked, kissing his forehead. It was quite a trip to her parents home, but it was just a shuttle ride. It shouldn’t take more than a couple hours.

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☃ — Sulu && Uhura


"That, or you just wanted to make sure that I was covered in snow," he teased back, though it hadn’t been as if she had forced him to make a snow angel as well. He chuckled when she complained about not making the perfect snow angel, and he gave her a pat on the back in response.

He watched her catch snowflakes on her tongue curiously. The snowflakes did look inviting, like finely shaven ice. Uhura looked so peaceful and playful like this, and he couldn’t help that faint smile on his lips. Reaching out, he gently brushed some snowflakes that clung to her off her hair.

"I don’t know if throwing snowballs at me without warning is considered mundane," he said with a laugh.

She sighed and leaned her head somewhat into his hand, enjoying the gentle touch. He was warm, after all, and the cool of the air was beginning to chill her bones. Her eyes flickered to the watch on her wrist, and she determined they didn’t have much more time. Scotty would beam them back up in about half an hour, unless she called and asked for him to get them sooner. 

"Don’t be such a baby. It’s just snow." Nyota teased him, reaching up to take his hand in hers. She lazily laced their fingers together and turned her gaze back up to the sky, sighing gently. 

"Sulu…" She began, tilting her head to the side a bit as she examined the stars and moons in the sky above them. "How many planets do you think are out there that we haven’t even found yet?" Uhura asked in an almost innocent tone, trailing her thumb over his knuckles.

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Fix you.


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